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What are the areas we used to work on?

Hungaricum Translations offers translation services from Hungarian to Polish, from Polish to Hungarian and many other languages.

Each project will be assigned to a translator whose native language is the target language. This ensures that the documents read as originals and flow smoothly.


Areas Of Expertise

  • Books and manuals
  • Press releases
  • Websites
  • Internal or external letters
  • Newsletters
  • Questionnaires
  • Human Resources documents
  • Menus/recipes and brochures
  • PowerPoint slide decks
  • Event schedules
  • Articles
  • Emails



Hungaricum Translations provide professional Interpretation Services between Hungarian and Polish and many other languages, during conferences, trainings, business meetings and many more events.

All of our translators are native speakers of the target language and recognized experts in their subject areas. They are rigorously selected professional translators who are tested and evaluated.


The assigned editor will refine the translated text by incorporating preferred glossary terminology and the style specifications established during the initial phase of the project.

The editor also ensures that the content no longer reads like a translation, but reads as if it was originally framed in the target language.


The process that enables us to consistently produce document translations of the highest quality that read as if they were originally framed in the target language.

The translation is made in three steps: translating, editing, and proofreading.

Who were we working for?

Who are we?

Our history begins back in 1989, when the company was founded. Main activity of the company was merchandising, trading between Hungary and Poland also other Middle European countries.

During our dynamic progress we have developed translation branch, which offeres translation, editing and proofreading services.

The Hungaricum company cooperate with professional and highly trained translators specialized in technical, medical, juridical, economical, biotechnological, etc. translations and interpretings.

Which languages?

Hungaricum Translations provide high quality, both directional services in following languages:

  • Polish language
  • Hungarian language
  • Russian language
  • Spanish language
  • Italian language
  • German language
  • Czech language
  • Slovak language
  • Farsi language
  • Arabic language